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Kitchen designs for 2013 are social, sleek and stylish. Reflecting the current trend to healthy living and home entertaining, kitchens are the centre-point of the modern home. Amorini can help you to create a kitchen that is comfortable, functional, easy to maintain, and beautiful.


High gloss surfaces in lacquer and glass, used in combination with stainless steel finishes, are a popular trend. International décor trends show that painted cabinetry is becoming increasingly popular, replacing darker wood finishes. Although white remains the most popular choice, turquoise, oranges and lime greens are also showing increased popularity, especially when combined with light-coloured, natural-looking benchtops.  Pale, solid wood floors made from renewable sources such as bamboo remain the most popular choice.


The trend for the integration or concealment of appliances continues, and many of the usual appliances are now hidden in cabinets. In line with this minimalist trend, handles are less bulky, with increased use of recessed handles or one-touch drawers and doors.


Open-plan, streamlined designs that allow you to entertain guests in the kitchen, and share the meal preparation, are popular. The shift away from the diningroom to the kitchen as the place for meals continues in 2013.









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